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Fairtrade Tea Bags

Fairtrade is all about getting fair prices and living conditions for the farmers that grow the tea. Choosing Fairtrade means you are choosing to make a difference to the lives of those that provide the tea. We have a large range of Fairtrade tea from ethical tea providers such as PG.
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Cafedirect Fairtrade everyday catering tea bags 1100

Cafedirect Fairtrade tea bags is a premium blend of black teas ....

From £25.79

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Cafe Direct Fairtrade Enveloped Tea Bags 300

Cafe Direct Everyday Fairtrade Enveloped Tea Bags 300's in presentation ....

Price £22.78

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Cafedirect Fairtrade Tagged Tea Bags 100

Fairtrade Tagged Tea Bags from Cafedirect.

From £5.40

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Imporient Tea Tagged Tea Bags 100

Imporient Tea - Tagged Tea Bags (1 x 100 Bags)

Price £5.18

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Imporient Tea Fairtrade Tagged and Foil Envelope Tea Bags 50

Imporient Tea - Fairtrade Tagged & Foil Envelope Tea Bags (50 ....

Price £2.92

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