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Milk Pots

Avoid the hassle and expense of supplying fresh milk for your office with individual milk pots from coffeebuyer. We have milk jiggers from leading brands such as Millac Maid, Kenco and Lakeland, as well as sachets from Dairystix. Buy milk portions online for great service and prices plus free delivery on orders over £60.
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Lakeland Semi Skimmed Milk Jiggers 120 milk pots

Individual Semi Skimmed UHT Milk Portions

Was £4.61
Now £3.74

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Millac Maid Milk Jiggers x 120 Milk Pots

Millac Maid Skimmed UHT Milk Jiggers

Was £6.40
Now £4.98

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Cafe Maid Cream Jiggers Long Life Whitener

Cafe Maid Cream Jiggers, long life whitener pots to make a more ....

Was £6.14
Now £5.95

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Long Life Millac Cappuccino Milk 1 Litre

Long life Millac Cappuccino Milk is ideal for creating good ....

Price £10.95

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